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Dog Travel Beds

The Furry Nomad

Welcome Nomad, our journey together begins now

Welcome Fellow Nomads!

We believe there's something special about every journey you take with your pets.

We’re inspired by the idea that pets and people together, from all walks of life, can always look and feel fantastic for the journey ahead.

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New for 2023!

Dog Travel Beds

Introducing our stylish travel bed range - Deluxe faux fur, ultra portable and in 3 gorgeous colours. Limited availability!

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Carbon Filtered Dog Water Bottles

We're doing a limited run of these cute eco-friendly water bottles. Collapsible bowl with a carbon filter and available in 4 cute colours.

Convenient Car Travel

Premium Dog Back Seat Car Cover

The Best Way To Keep Your Car Clean And Your Pet Safe

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This Sydney-based small family business is driven by big smiles from our fellow pet-parents. Read more about why we're passionate about your pooches!

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