chocolate brown poop bag holder#color_chocolate-brown

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So many good things about the harness set. The pup loves it, comfortable and great feel.

Lots of compliments on our adventures

Ashleigh L.

We are absolutely loving our forest green leash, collar, and poo bag pouch. The quality is exceptional, sturdy yet flexible. We are specifically impressed with the leash, it can be used in many different ways.

Nic P.

Absolutely love it! Looks so cute as well as great functionality!

Anastasija K.

Tried lots of different harnesses and this is my dogs favourite. It’s good quality, a nice fit, and the colour is super nice (doesn’t look dirty after lots of wears, which is a bonus as my dog loves rolling in grass)

Nancy A.

Super nice collar, different feel / texture to any other collar I've bought, plus the colour is lovely. Also 10/10 service, I ordered the wrong collar size (my fault) and got a replacement sent out the next day.

Kyle T.